Vendor F.A.Q.


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Q:           When is the application due?

A:           Applications are due by June 15, any given year.  Completed applications must include a check for booth fees at that time.  Applications received past this date may or may not be considered for acceptance.

Q:           I’ve been a vendor for 5 years.  Do I still need to apply?

A:           YES.  We have no way of knowing you want a booth space until we receive your application.  We won’t assume you want to participate or hold a space based on prior attendance. 

Q:           May I pay the booth fee with a credit card?

A:           We do not accept credit card payment for booth fees at this time.  We may explore this as an option in the future, but it is not something we can currently accommodate.

Q:           Do you supply ice / have ice available on site?

A:           We do not have ice available onsite, and Pescadero has a limited supply so we recommend stocking up before arrival.

Q:           Do you provide power for vendors?

A:           We have limited power available for vendors, and we make no guarantees if access will be granted.  Please contact us / disclose on your application that you would like power access, and why you need it.  Priority will be given based on necessity.

Q:           Do you split booths for vendors?

A:             If two vendors would like to join forces for a weekend, they are welcome to submit joint applications, to be juried as a single booth.  Both vendors must meet selection criteria, and conform to all fees and policies set forth.   We do not offer half spaces at this time.

Q:           Do you have a designated food area?

A:           We do not have a designated food court; all our food vendors are placed at random among other vendors. 

Q:           What are vehicle access hours on the grounds?

A:           Friday: 12pm- 6pm, Saturday 7am-8am, Sunday 7 am – 8 am.
We request vendors unload their vehicle and remove their vehicle from the grounds before set up, to allow all vendors access to the grounds.  Our event venue is very small and everyone’s cooperation is key to ensuring a smooth set up for all.  



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